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June 2022: Introducing The In Harmony Blog

June 2022: Introducing The In Harmony Blog

Partnership with Bluestem Wellness

If you’ve been in the wellness center lately, you may have noticed the bustling of changes around the space this past spring.

We’ve been waiting to share some very special news.

In Harmony is now a partner of Bluestem Wellness!

Bluestem Wellness, a recording studio converted into a state-of-the-art wellness spa in the heart of Music Row Nashville, was founded in 2018 by music industry veterans Nan Kingsley and Megan Zarling.

Bluestem’s mantra is “Wellness Made Simple,” and, like In Harmony, the cozy rooms offer Nashville’s best experiences for peaceful rejuvenation, with services on the leading edge of the wellness space. As two local small businesses in historic Belle Meade and Music Row whose missions align so perfectly, a partnership just made sense.

As Nashville explodes in popularity and the wellness space expands with it, we’re thrilled about this special collaboration, because together with Bluestem, we can offer more than we did separately. And ultimately, more people find support for their health.

With this partnership, we’re bringing onboard services that we think will complement your experience at In Harmony perfectly: the HOCATT ozone sauna and the Ballancer Pro system.

Bluestem is the home of Nashville’s only HOCATT platinum ozone sauna, the world’s most advanced sauna. It packs 10 modalities in just one 30 minute session, and is the heart of Bluestem’s Wellness Made Simple. If you love our infrared sauna, you’ll want to check out the ozone sauna as soon as you can! The HOCATT is also a great introduction for sauna newbies, with a gentle yet powerful heat that boosts the immune system, encourages detoxification, and kills bacteria and viruses.

Our clients love how our colonics leave them feeling refreshed and relaxed. A perfect complement at Bluestem to a colonic is the Ballancer. The Ballancer is the most advanced lymphatic compression device available. The colon and the lymph are major keys to your body’s detoxification processes. In a Ballancer session, you simply relax as the system gently massages your skin, which circulates your lymph to enhance drainage.

Of course, be sure to check out Bluestem’s additional services – PEMF, NuCalm, and AllCore360 – while you’re at the studio – and check the calendar for events. Past events included Paint Your Own Pet classes and Janice’s drum circles! You won’t want to miss the monthly sound baths either!

Finally, in the last few weeks, we’ve integrated some changes to better serve you, from a website polish to an Instagram launch. And soon to come, online booking!

Similarly, we’re launching this blog as a way to chat with you! Aside from emails, it’s the best way for us to update you in long form without character limits, and it’s the next best thing besides being able to chat with you in person. We’ll see you soon, in the spa and at the studio! As we continue to serve our legacy clients and welcome newcomers, we’re excited that In Harmony and Bluestem can grow together.

In Harmony Wellness Center Disclaimer:

In Harmony does not claim to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or condition. If you are unsure of how our services relate to your condition, we recommend consulting your doctor prior to your first session.

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1 Comment

Shelby Springer
Shelby Springer
Jun 16, 2022

what!!!!! Okay i seriously may have to move back to Nashville now! i can not begin to imagine what will come from this partnership but i know its going to be Good. How happy my heart is for the Nashville community! i have never supported something more In my life than this right here!!!

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