Our Story

 Wellness + Rejuvenation 

We are a family and team at In Harmony. We have a love for people and helping those we care about feel healthier in their everyday lives. In Harmony offers services that we believe are basic to detoxifying the body and rejuvenating energy as well as getting your health in balance.

Janice Doochin, RN, NHC

I am an RN with a background in Oncology. I witnessed first hand how sick the body can become, but at the same time I saw how patients who practiced some holistic approaches responded better to the treatment and had fewer side effects. My experience with my family's and my own health convinced me of the need for proper nutrition and how a body must be detoxified, especially through a clean colon, before it can heal. I returned to school, furthering my education as a Nutritional Consultant and Colon Therapist at the Global Institute of Integrative Medicine and the Cayce Riley School of Massage and Colon Therapy. This is truly a passion for me, a calling. My goal is to inspire people to never take their health for granted. In addition to owning In Harmony, I am the primary colon therapist. At In Harmony we believe that when the body is detoxified, a state of wellness and balance can be restored.


Jillian Wayman, Colon Hydrotherapist

Jillian has an extensive background in holistic healing and is deeply committed to supporting her clients detoxify their bodies.

Well versed in eastern modalities, she brings over 7 years of experience in organic, botanical-based skin care and colon hydrotherapy. I-ACT certified, a member of the IDI International Dermal Institute, a certified aromachologist, and colon hydrotherapist, Jillian helps people heal themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally through balancing our natural channels.


Courtney Elliott, Colon Hydrotherapist, Certified Holistic Health Coach

Courtney is a passionate Wellness Consultant and Movement Specialist. Born and raised in Australia, Courtney's enthusiasm and knowledge of the human body began to cultivate early in life as a young dancer. After countless dance related injuries Courtney was led to Pilates by her physical therapist to rehabilitate and find new ways to move safely and function effortlessly. Progressing naturally to train as a Pilates Teacher at the Australian Pilates Academy, she then went on to assist physical therapists as an injury rehabilitation specialist.

Courtney has taught as a guest teacher and wellness advocate all over the world whilst maintaining a career as a professional Singer, Dancer and Actor in Australia, Tokyo, Singapore, Shanghai, New York and now Nashville. After 10+ years of extensive travel and adventure, Courtney set down roots here in Tennessee and "made it official" as a Health Coach continuing her education at the Trinity School of Natural Health. Courtney had been receiving the healing benefits of colon hydrotherapy for 12 years before making the natural progression as a colon hydrotherapist and training with the team at 'In Harmony.'

Like many of us Courtney has had her own battles with health, navigating multiple autoimmune diseases and through her commitment to physical and mental health is peacefully recovered from a 12 year eating disorder. Courtney often refers to movement and the human body as her first love, she is fascinated and constantly amazed by the body's ability to support us. Courtney is a true facilitator for deep listening and healing, she believes that the only person who can heal you is you and is devoted to educating and collaborating with you to find that perfect synergy of physical freedom, internal wellness and spiritual abundance.

Daniel Darnauer, LMT, Functional Movement Specialist

My name is Daniel Darnauer, and I’m honored to be part of the In Harmony team. I’ve been an LMT and Myofascial Realignment Specialist for over 13 years, and I am an avid student of the human body with specialization in functional movement. If you are having chronic pain in a certain area, massage will only temporarily help the issue. By having an innate understanding of how everything in the body is meant to work in synergy, I can make recommendations for you to move to a pain free life.