Enjoy a relaxing massage by our talented therapist Daniel Darnauer. His specialties are listed below and range from Swedish and Deep Tissue to Functional Movement Therapy and Neurovascular Therapy. His sessions can range from 60 minutes, 90 minutes, and 120 minutes. Don't forget to add a PEMF session or Infrared Sauna session after your massage to reduce inflammation and pain!

Neck Massage


Myofascial release: Works with the connective tissue to create space in the body, increase ease joint movement, decrease nerve pain, and helps make lymphatic drainage techniques for effect.

Sports Therapy: Includes stretching and addresses limitations of joint range of motion and the body work portion will vary based of your athletic event and phase of training (pairs well with FMT session, Functional Movement Therapy)

Neuro-Muscular Therapy: Includes a trigger point treatment, re-education of muscle movement patterning through client movements queued and resistance of movement provided by the practitioner, and works with mirror neurons to improve joint relationships.

Neurovascular Therapy: Works on addressing focus points where neurovascular bundles become compressed and the brain limits movement to not pull on, compress shut, or throw sheer force over those points, so re-structuring tension around the site to clear these complications.

Musculoskeletal Integration: Treatment and addressing of the body from an architectural perspective of a tensegrity model proposed by people such as Ida Rolf (Rolfing) or Buckminster Fuller, balancing kinetic chains (each muscle is a link in a series of muscles, chains, and helps stabilize and mobilize joints and bone stacks.

Feldenkrais Method: Works with the nervous system to establish a better brain-body connection (mapping muscles on to the  motor cortex via the homunculus, that part of the Brain your body is “drawn” on.

Functional Movement Therapy: Training based on motor and biomechanical movement skill development to back end strength with the underlying stability, mobility, and reflexive neuro-sensory awareness in your body.