HUSO is organic tech as it consists of specific sound frequencies which are sourced directly from human toning done in the indigenous tradition by long term sound healers. Because it is organic to us, human sound will be assimilated much more deeply than a digitally produced sound.

HUSO achieves a comprehensive whole-body effect by delivering these frequencies directly to the brain through the auditory cortex (headphones) as well as through the use of pads on acupuncture meridians, generating a sympathetic resonance in the fascia. This sparks a piezoelectric response in the cells of the fascia that creates information-carrying biophotonic signals which distribute the introduced frequency throughout the body and to the vagus nerve, responsible for parasympathetic response.

Relaxing at Home

HUSO is a patented technology that is completely non-invasive and safe for even young children. Many users experience:

A vast improvement in their quality of sleep, a reduction in stress and nervousness, and an overall sense of feeling more peaceful, calm, and rested (a majority of people fall asleep during the session).

Heightened mental focus and an elimination of brain fog

Lowering of blood pressure by as many as 20 points

Restoration of healthy cell signaling and improvement of mitochondrial function.

Emotional trauma release and heightened spiritual experiences

At In Harmony, we have HUSOPRO which is the professional model for HUSO. The professional model allows for a deeper experience of the HUSO technology. Please visit for more information.