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Human Tuning

What is Human Tuning?

The purpose of having this type of energetic alignment throughout the body is that it helps the client's mental, emotional, and physical state feel up to par in many regards. This can allow for less negativity response throughout the body, illness susceptibility, physical pain and discomfort, and in some cases it can help with anxiety & depression.

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Happy Meditator

What is a session like with Jillian?

1. The Therapist will help with realigning/opening/unblocking the entire chakra system with tuning forks while you lay on a Jade Biomat.

2. The Therapist will facilitate moving stagnant energy in specific meridians throughout the body.

3. You will then sit up and go over your body's response to the first two steps...mentally, emotionally, and physically. 

4. Then you will stand up and the Therapist will do 3 guided meditational exercises in the style of qi-gong, reiki, and kinesiology. 

These 3 movements allow for the entire chakra system realignment to set in and activate.

This can help keep positive energy flow throughout the body systems for sometimes up to 3 months before energy blocks begin to happen again (depending on the person).

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