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Human Tuning

Human Tuning (Cleansing and Repatterning) 

When we are properly tuned we have a sense of well-being & perfect self-expression. Being in “tune” is like a state of profound inner relaxation. We have the ability to successfully adapt to the stresses of life, giving us better health & increased wellness. These 3 healing modalities are uniquely aligned to provide the utmost relaxing and cleansing experience! 

Happy Meditator

For those who are looking to go a little deeper inward… these modalities can help us start a process of healing from many aspects of trauma.

PTSD, anxiety, depression, inner child work through all phases of our life. And finally an even deeper healing of cutting ancestral cords found within our DNA that have been past down from our Mother and Father's family lines. 


The healing process is different for every person. Timing is everything! 

Jillian can customize your healing journey based on your initial session, and will add other modalities of therapy if needed. These may include guided meditation/affirmation, energy work, and Kinesiology techniques. 

What's included in your session: 

-   Biosonic Tuning Forks 

specifically tune the nervous system with frequencies that create a greater harmony & balance within the body.

-   Moon Singing Bowl 

vibrations resonate a deep sense of calmness & relaxation. They aid in muscle & regeneration, relieve migraines, improve circulation in all body systems, and unblock chakras which allows free-flowing energy to harmonize the physical body, mind and spirit. 

You can also add on an Ear Candling session for total alignment. 

-   Ear Candling with Lymphatic Drainage techniques using Gua Sha tools, can help relieve a wide variety of physical issues like wax build up, sinus pressure, vertigo, tinnitus, and hearing loss. Ear Candling also facilitates a deep cleansing & purifying of the physiological & spirit.

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